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Dixons Trinity Academy


In the summer of 2023, Dixons Trinity was one of the highest performing state schools in Bradford and Leeds:

  • +0.76 Progress 8 (+0.34 for disadvantaged students)
  • 58% of students achieved a strong pass in English and mathematics combined (Grade 5 +; equivalent to a high C and low B on the old grading system)
  • 54.8 Attainment 8 (49 for disadvantaged students)
  • 96% were entered for the English Baccalaureate (EBacc)
  • 28% achieved a strong pass in the EBacc (grade 5+)
  • 96% students stayed in education or employment for at least 2 terms after key stage 4 (2021 leavers)
  • 100% are proud to be a Dixons Trinity student
  • 100% of parents recommend the school

Well done Team Trinity: all families, all students and all staff!