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Dixons Trinity Academy


We provide a varied and full programme of co-curricular and extra-curricular electives. Sport, music and drama are particular strengths, while other clubs and societies cater for more esoteric interests. Each student in Year 7 to 9 has access to this provision to ensure that they experience a fulfilling and enriching curriculum.

Each week, all students in years 7 to 9 spend an afternoon taking part in Drill and Co-Curricular. The 20 minute Drill session can take many forms: whether learning something new that the students would not typically come across within the curriculum or having a short lecture based on feedback from cycle assessments. Students sit in their houses during Drill and compete for House Points. Following the short Drill session, students are dismissed to their Co-Curricular Electives. Students can change their electives each cycle in a range of enriching activities as part of our Autonomy approach. The Co-Curricular Electives include: games, media, drama, music, STEM, cooking, public speaking, chess and photography. Students electing music deliver an arts showcase at the end of each cycle. In addition to this, all students take part in a sports showcase at the end of Cycle 3.

House System

The House system helps to instil a desire to join in, have fun and make a contribution to the team. The system also helps to develop confidence and leadership skills by competing alongside students of different ages in a variety of Co-Curricular Electives and events. Each student is a member of one of three Houses: Makalu, Aconcagua and Pelvoux. A member of staff leads each house alongside a House Captain from Year 10 and Vice Captains from the younger year groups. Every Friday, these students lead a Morning Meeting for their House.