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Dixons Trinity Academy

Stretch projects

Stretch projects

Stretch projects help to develop students’ autonomy and love of learning. Each student explores an area of interest within a given theme and exhibits their work for assessment at the end of each cycle. These projects will take place in the Careers Education lectures for students in Year 7 and Year 8.

For each project students will:

  • Choose an area of interest within a theme
  • Research their area of interest
  • Prepare a speech on their chosen area of interest
  • Prepare a presentation aid to support their speech
  • Perform their speech to their advisory


Year 7:

Cycle 1: Who Am I?

Cycle 2: Culture

Year 8:

Cycle 1: Aspirations

Cycle 2: Politics

By the end of each Cycle, every student will have crafted a beautiful speech, alongside their presentation aid (an A2 presentation board or A4 presentation aid) which will summarise the key points of their Stretch speech as well as including any additional information or supporting pictures that might help with the explanation of the speech.

All students will deliver their Stretch projects in front of their advisories.

Advisories will then select an individual to represent them as a semi-finalist. Semi-finalists will deliver their Stretch speech to their House during House morning meeting during week 13 of the cycle.

From House Semi-Finals, Finalists will be selected to deliver their Stretch speech to all of Y7 and Y8 during the Stretch Finals in week 1 of the next cycle.

Final Exhibitions:

The pinnacle of the Stretch projects for each cycle is the Final Exhibition and Stretch Final. The Final Exhibition is a chance for all students to celebrate the hard work and commitment they have shown across the project as well as an opportunity to learn from their peers. Parents and carers of Stretch finalists will be invited to attend the Finals to share in the celebration of their child’s hard work.

Below are some examples of the Final Exhibition and A2 presentation aids that students have created:

2022-23 Finalists:


Mustafa Iqbal 7A

Rayhaan Chowdhury 7B

Humna Shakil 8A

Siti Mohammed 8B


Alishba Maryam 7C

Zahraa Miah 7W

Neeya Hussain 8C

Nishath Tabassum 8W


Maryam Sajawal 7X

Mehreen Iqbal 7Y

Eesa Rehman 8X

Adam Khan 8Y

Stretch Champions:

Mustafa Iqbal (Y7)

Nishath Tabassum (Y8)