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Teachers teach with skill and rigour, showing great courtesy. Staff and students enjoy what they do together.

Ammaarah Akudi BSc (Hons)Teacher of Science / Assistant Head of Year
Nadeem Asghar BSc (Hons)Head of Computing
Carolyn Bate BSc (Hons)Teacher of Maths / Assistant Head of Year
Charlotte Blythe BSc (Hons)Teacher of PE
Natalie Brookshaw BA (Hons)Teacher of English / Secondary Principal Designate (Chapeltown)
Stephen Butters BA (Hons)Teacher of PE / Head of Year Designate (Chapeltown)
David Bonilla BA (Hons)Teacher of Spanish
Michael Crolla BA (Hons)Head of Spanish
Sacha Currie-Hateley BA (Hons)Head of PE
Natalie-Dawn Hodgson BA (Hons)Teacher of English
Nicole Dempsey BA (Hons)Teacher of Geography / Head of Mountain Rescue
Mark Dixon BA (Hons)Teacher of RE / Head of Year
Thomas Hailwood BA (Hons)Teacher of History / English
Lucy Hall BA (Hons)Head of RE
Emma Hanson BSc (Hons)Teacher of DT and Art
Richard Hart BSc (Hons)Head of Geography
Francesca Hitch BSc (Hons)Teacher of English / Head of Year
Sarah Howell BA (Hons)Head of English
Lawrance Hunter BSc (Hons)Teacher of PE
Shamila Iqbal BSc / MChem (Hons)Assistant Head of Science
Nasreen Kauser BSc (Hons)Teacher of Computing
Saila Kazmi BSc (Hons)Teacher of Maths / Pioneer
James Lauder BA (Hons)Teacher of History / Assistant Vice Principal
Nicole Liptrot BA (Hons)Teacher of Spanish
Bethan Lord BA (Hons)Teacher of DT and Art
Aamir Mahmood BSc (Hons)Teacher of Maths
Raouf Mohammed MPhys (Hons)Head of Science
Jason Patterson BSc (Hons)Teacher of Science / Vice Principal
Sergio Perez BA (Hons)Teacher of Spanish
Pippa Sadgrove BA (Hons)Teacher of History / Vice Principal
Ommera Sattar BSc (Hons)Teacher of Science / Pioneer
Fleur Siswick BSc (Hons)Head of Science Designate (Chapeltown)
Luke Sparkes BSc (Hons)Teacher of Geography / Executive Principal
Emma Steele BSc (Hons)Teacher of Maths / Vice Principal
Amy Sykes BA / MA (Hons)Teacher of English
Jenny Thompson BA (Hons)Teacher of English / Principal
Charlotte Tomlinson BSc (Hons)Teacher of Maths
Graham Trueman BSc (Hons) Teacher of Geography / Head of Year
Mohammed Usman BEng (Hons)Assistant Head of Maths
Katherine Vinnicombe BA (Hons)Teacher of Geography / Assistant Head of Year
Clair Ward BMus (Hons)Head of Music
Shireen Wheeler BA (Hons)Head of DT and Art

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