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Teachers teach with skill and rigour, showing great courtesy. Staff and students enjoy what they do together.

Name Role
Ammaarah Akudi BSc (Hons)
Head of Year 8 / Teacher of Science
Nadeem Asghar BSc (Hons) Head of Computing
Charlotte Blythe BSc (Hons) Head of PE
Michael Crolla BA (Hons) Head of MFL
Nicole Dempsey BA (Hons) Head of Mountain Rescue (SENCo) / Teacher of Geography
Emma Gladwin BA (Hons) Teacher of English
Matthew Grist BA (Hons) Teacher of PE
Thomas Hailwood BA (Hons) Head of History
Emma Hanson BSc (Hons) Teacher of Art and Design
Richard Hart BSc (Hons)
Head of Geography
Alvena Hawley-Boutonnet BA (Hons)
Ass. Head of MFL
Vicky Haycock BSc (Hons)
Ass. Head of Mathematics
Francesca Hitch BSc (Hons)
Associate Assistant Vice Principal / Teacher of English
Natalie-Dawn Hodgson BA (Hons) English Pioneer
Sarah Howell BA (Hons) Head of English
Shamila Iqbal BSc/MChem (Hons) Head of Science
Saila Kazmi BSc (Hons) Associate Assistant Vice Principal / Teacher of Mathematics
James Lauder BA (Hons) Assistant Vice Principal
Bethan Lord BA (Hons) Teacher of Art and Design
Hassan Mughal BSc (Hons) Teacher of Science
Rosie Oates BA (Hons) Associate Assistant Vice Principal / Teacher of History
Shelley Price BA (Hons) Head of Art
Jacob Rollinson BA (Hons) Teacher of PE
Elena Ramirez MA (Hons) Teacher of Spanish
Luke Sparkes BSc (Hons) Executive Principal
Emma Steele BSc (Hons) Acting Principal
Funmilola Stewart BA (Hons) Teacher of History
James Stogden BA (Hons) Teacher of Spanish
Amy Sykes BA / MA (Hons) Ass. Head of English
Jenny Thompson BA (Hons) Principal
Charlotte Tomlinson BSc (Hons) Teacher of Mathematics
Katherine Vinnicombe BA (Hons) Head of Year 7 / Teacher of Geography
Clair Ward BMus (Hons) Head of Music
Katie Welham BA (Hons) Ass. Head of Year / Teacher of PE

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We are open today, 11th February 2020, as normal
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@_misbahhhx Yes! Absolutely!
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Such an amazing and informative day spent with @DTA_JThompson at ! It was incredible to see what you have achieved! And @ldsparkes for the context and culture! Thank you for having me 😊 it has definitely given me food for thought. 🤓
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Fantastic outcomes for children. Congratulations to all at @dixonsTA https://t.co/PNRT4mzUsM
6:18pm 06.02.2020