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Dixons Trinity Academy

Remote learning

At DTA, the priority is always for students to be in the classroom.

However, in some circumstances it might not be possible for students to attend their timetabled lessons. This broadly fits into two categories:

• School closures or restrictions on attendance, where school access for pupils is restricted

• Individual cases where a pupil is unable to attend school but is able to learn

In previous national periods of restricted access, we learnt that students were most successful in independent learning when the curriculum they accessed was offline; a paper curriculum ensures fair access and removes barriers. Our remote learning curriculum is clear and accessible so that it does not place erroneous demands on families. The remote curriculum is also in line with what is studied in the classroom in order to support reintegration at the earliest opportunity. Please contact your child’s Head of Year for further information.

Your child has access to Sparx for Maths and Seneca for Science. The links for the sites are below and your child already has a log in for these sites. New work is added on a regular basis. Subject teachers and subject leaders monitor work completed and will provide feedback as appropriate on return.