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Dixons Trinity Academy


Year 7 intake in September 2023

The national offer date for school places was Wednesday 1 March 2023. Parents who completed the local authorities Common Application / Preference Form (CAF / CPF) were advised by the local authorities of the school allocated to their child on this date.

For Dixons Trinity, there were 1317 applications on the CAF / CPF for the 134 places available. The breakdown of places by oversubscription criteria is as follows:

Oversubscription criteria

Children with an EHCP


Looked-after & former looked-after children


Children with exceptional medical or social need (applications agreed)


Children of staff (up to 3)


Siblings of students in years 7 to 10 at the Academy


Students at Dixons Music Primary


Distance (the furthest distance admitted was 0.396 miles)


Twins of children admitted under the above categories



Regrettably, because of the high number of applications it has not been possible to offer every child, who wants one, a place. We automatically keep every child's name on the waiting list until the end of December 2023. You should also return the local authority’s Waiting List form to inform them if you want to stay on the waiting list for this or any other school. A copy of the form is available from the Downloads section below.

If you have not yet completed a local authority Common Application Form (CAF) you should complete the Late Preference form available from the Downloads section below. If you completed a CAF but did not make 5 preferences then you can complete the Additional Preference form, also available from the Downloads section below.

If you have any specific questions about the waiting list or admissions process, please contact us via:


telephone: 01274 089870 – option 7

Year 7 intake September 2024

The admissions policy for entry into Year 7 in September 2024 can be found below. Further details about the admissions process and the date of the open evening will be added to this page in July.

In-year admissions (Years 7 to 11)

Dixons Trinity Academy is a heavily oversubscribed school and, consequently, a vacancy is only likely to occur if a child leaves the year group which rarely happens.

Should you wish to add your child to the waiting list, please telephone or write to Admissions (via the contact details given below) with the information required (see list below). You may also wish to include the reasons for applying. A written confirmation will be sent to you to confirm that we have added the details to our waiting list.

Information required:

  • Name of Dixons school or schools you wish to apply for
  • Name of parent / carer
  • Child’s full name, date of birth and present school
  • Home address
  • Contact telephone number


Telephone: 01274 089780 – option 7

To apply, you will also need to complete an In-Year Common Application Form (ICAF) for the local authority in order to be eligible for a place if a vacancy occurs. The ICAF and more information about the process is available from the council website or you can request for a form to be sent to you by e-mailing: or by telephoning 01274 439200.

If a vacancy does occur, the Academy will look at the waiting list and children will be prioritised in accordance with the oversubscription criteria (see In-Year Guidance document in the Downloads section below). We send this list to the local authority, and they then allocate the place in the order of the waiting list and in line with parental preference (as specified on the ICAF).

Bradford LA Year 7 Waiting List Form and Allocation Information (PDF)
Bradford LA Year 7 Additional Preference Form (PDF)
Bradford LA Year 7 Late Application Form (PDF)
Admissions Guidance Year 7 2023 Bradford secondaries (PDF)
DTA Admissions Appeals Policy 2023 24 (PDF)
DTA Admissions Appeals Policy 2024 25 (PDF)
DTA 2022 23 In year Guidance (PDF)
DTA Admissions 2022 23 updated (PDF)