Dixons Academies Charitable Trust Ltd (Dixons) has three levels of governance to hold the CEO and Principals to account, and to ensure that the Trust operates as a charity and a limited company should do: our Members who make up our Trust Board; our Directors/Trustees who make up our Governing Council; and our Local Governing Bodies, usually overseeing two similar Academies.

The Governing Council meets at least four times each year and forms the board of directors of the charity overseeing the day-to-day running of the Trust.  It approves Group-wide policies and procedures, signs off all the Academy budgets, and holds the CEO to account for performance and outcomes across our Academies.

The Governing Council is drawn from the Chairs of the Academy or Free School Local Governing Bodies (LGB). This facilitates communication between the Governing Council and Local Governing Bodies, and the escalation of issues from LGB to the Directors and Trustees as necessary.

In practical terms, all operating decisions are delegated to the LGBs which meet four times a year.  Our LGBs are relatively small, usually with a maximum of 10 members, including staff and parent governors.  Up to six of these Governors are appointed by the Trust from people who are committed to our mission, values and aims.  LGBs examine the performance of each Academy in detail holding the Principals to account and making recommendations to the Governing Council as appropriate.

The full Powers and Duties Reserved for the LGB are laid out in our Scheme of Delegation.

The LGB of Dixons Trinity includes: 

  • Bryan Collins (Chair)
  • Jacqui Ambler
  • Majid Khan
  • Judy Collinson
  • Meg Zalewski 
  • Mat Latawiec 
  • James Wilkinson 
  • Sally Gibbs
  • Dylan Westbury (Parent)
  • Mark Dixon (Staff - Teaching)
  • Peter Gower (Staff - Support)
  • Wesley Davies (Principal, Dixons McMillan Academy)
  • Jenny Thompson (Principal, Dixons Trinity Academy)
  • Luke Sparkes (Executive Principal, Dixons Academies)
  • Sir Nick Weller (CEO, Dixons Academies)

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