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Keighley firm stages stress-busting schools workshop

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A visit to Dixons Trinity Academy, Bradford

Reflections on Schools, Teaching and Education, 15 July to 15 August 2016
Scraping the barnacles
We don't do rewards
Teaching unleashed

Asgard Blog, 23 June 2016
School recycles pallets to make furniture

TES, 19 April 2016
SEND Focus: 'We are failing all children by teaching them that "SEND kids" should be treated differently'

The Economist, 24 October 2015
Back to the blackboard

Telegraph & Argus, 5 June 2015
Hundreds of children flood into City Park as Bradford joins national music day

Mail Online, 22 May 2015
Morgan urges more free schools

The Guardian, 11 March 2015
The revolution that could change the way your child is taught

The Telegraph, 10 March 2015
Fixing our schools: 'it's not the policy, it's the people'

National Education Trust, February 2015
Opening a values driven school

TES Connect, 30 January 2015

Why the North is a powerhouse to rival London

The Future Leaders Trust, January 2015

2015 Impact Update: Start-up schools

The Education Foundation - Education Reformers of the Year 2014
Luke Sparkes - for clarity of leadership and dynamism at the 'home of the hardest working pupils in Bradford'

Pragmatic Education
Educating Bradford: Dixons Trinity Academy

The Future Leaders Trust, July 2014
2014 Impact Report

Telegraph & Argus, 8 July 2014
We want pupils to climb a mountain

TES Connect, 28 May 2014
'Our free school has shown that the US charter model can flourish in the UK'

Yorkshire Post, 26 May 2014
New York state of mind inspires free school to reach top rating

The Independent, 16 May 2014
Free school Dixons Trinity Academy provides a welcome good news story for Michael Gove

Asian Express, 7 May 2014

Telegraph & Argus, 8 April 2014
Dixons Trinity Academy gets top marks from school inspectors - and is aiming even higher

The Bradfordian, 4 April 2014
An 'Outstanding' Dixons education

Yorkshire Post, 28 March 2014
Free school praised for top Ofsted rating

TES Connect, 28 March 2014
Mixed fortunes for free schools as inspectors find 'outstanding' and 'inadequate' standards

Future Leaders Press Release, 28 March 2014
Bradford's Dixons Trinity Academy becomes first secondary free school to achieve outstanding