We provide a varied and full programme of co-curricular and extra-curricular electives.  Sport, public speaking, music and drama are particular strengths, while other clubs and societies cater for more esoteric interests.  Each and every student has access to this provision to ensure that they experience a fulfilling and enriching curriculum.

Students from all year groups get the opportunity to participate in co-curricular electives on Thursday afternoons and also have the option to participate in extra-curricular electives at the end of every day.  Students can change their electives each cycle in a range of enriching activities as part of our Autonomy approach.  The range of co-curricular choices has widened significantly this year, with a host of electives on offer such as journalism, drama, music, choir, classics, STEM, stop-motion animation, public speaking, chess and architecture.  Students electing drama, choir and music work to put on a theatrical showcase at the end of each cycle with friends and family welcome to attend.  Many of these electives will include the awarding of recognised accreditations as well as leading to academy representation.  

Games is also available to all year groups and takes place across the week.  In Years 7 and 8 Games, all students learn the martial art of fencing, which is led by an external coach.  Sports Showcases take place at the end of each term, allowing students to compete in a range of sports and represent their House.

In Year 9, in addition to co-curricular electives, students' enrichment is further extended through weekly Stretch modules.  Each cycle, students are able to choose a different area of study, which includes: computer coding, ethics, sign language, philosophy and first aid.  Another key aspect of Year 9s' enrichment provision is our whole-year group approach to the Duke of Edinburgh Award. The objective is that all students in Year 9 will complete the Bronze Award by the end of the year - which the Class of 2020 did successfully last year.

House System
The House system helps to instil a desire to join in, have fun and make a contribution to the team, irrespective of personal ability, during co-curricular electives and special competitions.  The system also presents a unique opportunity to develop confidence and leadership skills by competing alongside students of all different ages in a variety of enjoyable co-curricular electives and events.  Each student is a member of one of three Houses: Makalu, Aconcagua and Pelvoux. Each House has a Captain and Vice Captains from Year 10.  Every Friday, these students help to plan and lead a Morning Meeting to students in their House.

List of Co-Curricular Electives
Architecture, baking, chess, classics, debate, drama, film, hat-craft, journalism, knitting, orienteering, photography, politics, public speaking, School of Rock, STEM, stop-motion photography and Urdu.

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Co-Curriculum Offer 2017/18